The Design Thinking Test adds value recruitment process by helping to finding creative talent quickly, accurately and without bias.

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What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is "the ability to discover essential business problems and come up with solutions".

The need for Design Thinking in today's society

In today’s rapidly changing world of advanced digitization, AI technologies have the potential to replace and automate operational tasks. In this environment, business success will hinge on the ability of creative businesspeople to identify essential business issues and create solutions.

Effect of AI on the business landscape
Effect of AI on the business landscape

Design Thinking skills cross functionality

"The ability to discover essential business problems and come up with solutions" is a critical business skill, not only for new business and product planning, but across all business fields.

Design Thinking skills cross functionality

Test Results and Scores

Test Results and Scores

The Design Thinking Test by VISITS is an online test that uses a unique patented technology to quantitatively score business creativity.

  • Creation Session (30mins)
  • Evaluation Session (30mins)
  • Scoring using patented technology

Demo Test Process

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"Design Thinking is a business methodology widely used by innovative companies around the world, including GAFA.
The Design Thinking Score® is an objective quantification of examinees design thinking skills as calculated by a patented technology developed by VISITS Technologies."

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Score details

Design Thinking Score (400 points)
Creation ScoreNeed Finding ScoreThe ability to identify fundamental human needs and potential needs of future generations
Solution Ideation ScoreThe ability to provide highly novel and appropriate solutions in relating to needs
Evaluation ScoreNeeds Evaluation ScoreThe ability to identify unmet needs and wants
Solution Evaluation ScoreThe ability to identify whether a solution is effective and innovative in relation to the needs

Score Ranks

  • SS Rank

    Equivalent to the top 1% of examinees
  • S Rank

    Equivalent to the top 5% of examinees
  • A Rank

    Equivalent to the top 20% of examinees
  • B Rank

    Equivalent to the top 40%  of examinees
  • C Rank

    Equivalent to the top 60%  of examinees
  • D Rank

    Equivalent to the top 80%  of examinees
  • E Rank

    Equivalent to the bottom 20%  of examinees


Number of examineesOver130,000
Enterprise UsersOver200Enterprises
* As at November 2021

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